28 September 2016

Indigo (part 2)

The next day I wanted to wash the cloth. First I had to iron out the soy wax from my batik. Next there were a few pieces I didn't want to fade so the first time in my life, I bought some Retayne from ProChemical and Dye. I also bought some more pre-reduced indigo crystals, and turquoise and olive dye. I washed the ones I kind of wanted to fade but not much color escaped. 

Then I washed the remaining pieces in Synthropol and Retayne.

Still ugly!!

Organza shibori

                                         Crepe de Chine scarf

I love this batik but then again hot wax and dye are my faves.

I'm pretty happy with this one.

Heavy canvas


  1. Oh my oh my!! Indigo!! I LOVE your Indigo and your abundance of flow with it!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. PS Did you know that when you scroll down quickly it looks like an animated film? Very nice!

  3. I even like the ones you call "ugly".


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