19 September 2016

Finally Finished

This small quilt has been sitting (laying) on my work table pinned and rolled waiting for me. I taught three workshops at Fiber College and had company from Seattle the same weekend. My mistake. Hectic just doesn't cover it!! Well the table cover is done and on the table.

I decided to use this variegated purples thread for the quilting.

This is the quilting process. The puppy was asleep at my feet (so cute)

This is the top completely quilted but not yet trimmed. Owen is supervising.

Trimmed and the binding on. I know the BRIGHT turquoise is a bit off putting but it's the backing and doesn't really show and it was free.

On the table


  1. You table covering looks terrific in place! Good on you for getting it finished so quickly.

    1. trying to get it off my work table (smile)

  2. Congratulations Beth! It came out really nice ...
    and how much work! I appreciate very much that.

    1. Thanks Carmina. I really enjoyed your travel posts!!!

  3. A beautiful finish and what an adorable supervisor.


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