15 May 2015

Odds and ends

Just some odds and ends

Another fruit and veg sticker jar covered and polyurethaned 

Work from the Student Art Show at the University of Maine Augusta

Yet another bowl

Raw dried paper

Above and below with Matte Medium applied

Painted gold inside and cobalt blue outside.

Below a sketch in my "Finish-Me" book. The photo was done by Laura and was one of the pages in the book. I sketched it on the facing page.

My favorite quote from The Ya Ya Sisterhood. First in the sketchbook then typed so you can read it.


  1. Really liked that root/branch print. Your bowl is great but how am I gonna explain the 'new' sticker collection. My dearie will keep buying bananas and you will keep posting these vases. ;^)
    That quote bears contemplation!

  2. Oooooooh, such visual inspiration, thanks for sharing it!!!


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