06 May 2015

Making paper with Judith

Maybe not as profitable as making money, but we had a good time. Judith wanted to make sheets of paper this time. We needed a paper mold which I think is called a deckle (??). That was the fun part I was looking forward to. I love to make things. I had a 1 X 4 ripped in half, cut some hardware cloth and window screen and got my Velcro and staple gun. I kind of followed these directions - sort of.

I left the 2 screens loose and attached them with velcro straps.

This is Judith's BIG BAG of shredded paper with some of her failed prints on 100% cotton rag.

This was pulp making central. Notice all the splashed pulp on the mirrored back splash?

Judith draining water from her mold and deckle.

This was my paper with the window screen still on it. I used a squeegee on the screen to squeegee the water from the paper.

My stash of paper without much longer to live!

I decided I wanted another bowl. This one is large!

This is all the paper I had left (smile). The bowl should be dry in 2 or 3 more days.


  1. It looks like so much fun!

  2. Love it!! You and Judith, a match made in creative heaven!

  3. Okay, forgot to ask in my last e-mail... can the leftover pulp be stored, or do I need to toss it? Wasn't sure how much I would need for my first bowl!


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