18 May 2015

An Altered Book

This is a book from Goodwill that I bought I few years ago to alter. I started with gessoing the front cover and stitching all the pages together by fours. Some I hand stitched and others I machine stitched. Some of the "page bundles" are connected with various decorative stitches.

The front of the book had this Native American symbol embossed into the material so I painted it.

Pages stitched then gessoed on all sides.

There are things you can do to an aletered book that are either difficult or impossible to do on single sheet books.

Some of the "white" pages got a wash of color. The sketch above shows some candles on my desk.

I will be showing updates on this book.


  1. Gesso seems to be a magic medium! I'm wanting to try this!

  2. What a great idea to stitch the pages together!

  3. I just discovered gesso, and discover more and more opportunities.
    Your blog is fun to read, thanks for your inspiration

  4. I do like the stitched edges!!!

  5. What a nice idea to sew the pages together

  6. Love the edge treatment.

  7. You'll have to show me next time I come.


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