11 May 2015

Leather long stitched book.

This book turned out to be much more complex than it had to be. I have made at least 3 books exactly like this with the slit cut and the stitched over the leather bands. 

I went to YouTube to get a basic long stitch tutorial and realized you can make a book that looks just as sharp without all the angst my method used. 

This is the tutorial for long stitching:

Here are the pictures from my complex binding method. Save yourself the trouble and follow the YouTube video.

Measuring out the holes for piercing the signatures

Using an awl to punch the holes with a piece of foam core board underneath.

Makingsure all the holes line up or else the signatures could be wonky. Ask me how I know.

Cutting the leather for the cover. 

On the left is one signature. I cut the leather with a flap to fold over the front when finished

 Marks on the inside of the leather. The "O" means that tab will be where I pass the thread "over".

I have the signatures to my left and will stitch them from back to front. 

Sloppy stitches on the end. Should have watched the video first (smile).

Weaving the needle over the tab.



  1. Both are great resources. How satisfying to make one's own book!

  2. Love the contrast that the thread makes. Sounds a bit too tricky for me, this one! Think I'll stitch another coptic book, though, as soon as I have a moment! inspired!


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