02 July 2013

Test Scarf

During the silk scarf batik workshop, I laid out a white silk scarf on my demo table to show various techniques for applying melted wax and paints. If you want to see what a certain color paint (Dye-Na-Flow) looks like on the haboti, you can give it a spin on my test scarf. If you want to see what mark an implement makes, you can test it on the test scarf.
After everyone left the workshop and I was cleaning up, I found a lot of little cups of various paints left over and my test scarf was just sitting there all innocent so I decided to apply all the left over paint to the test scarf and see what I got. I was surprised how I liked some of the results!!!


  1. Very cool. Would love to see it wound around your neck in a photo.

  2. I'm with Shirley -- I'd love to see it on! I love the patterning you did.

  3. very nice Beth a serendipity scarf indeed :)

  4. Surprisingly so nice! Try this experiment more often. Have you tried the bubbles already?

  5. These are really lively! We are soooo on the same wave length!


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