23 July 2013

How dedicated are you to art quilting and surface design?

Jane Charles, a visitor to my blog recently started a 2 month long project teaching surface design and quilting to over 400 school children. She crafted projects for each age group including dyeing, embroidering, shibori, indigo dyeing, sun printing and using marking devices to make blocks for this incredible quilt.
On her blog she starts with the inception of the project here; to quote from her blog post:

A few short weeks ago I came up with a great idea to make a quilt with children at our local school to celebrate their Centenary. It would involved every child in the school, a combined rather large school of 420+ children ranging from 3-11years. The Head very kindly agreed that it would be a great idea and after a couple of meetings I came up with a plan. Did I mention that he wanted it in the school Summer carnival, which was only 6 weeks away from the start date? No pressure there then....

The scope of this project is mind-boggling to me and I am just reading about it, not doing it!!. This is truly a labor of love, love of art, surface design, teaching and children. My hat is totally off to you Jean. 

The grand finale can be seen here.


  1. Thanks for the lovely thoughts Beth and the posting, I hope your regular readers enjoy it!
    It did feel like an 'out of body experience' I didn't have time to think! Never mind the children or husband!!
    Best wishes
    Jane (not Jean, my Grandma often called me Jean, perhaps I should change my name :)

  2. That is a great project, with so many children involved, I bet they were very proud, I just love the idea of drawings on the back of the quilt!


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