04 July 2013

Testing fabric paint on sheer and fine fabrics

Again I am using Dye-Na-Flow and ProChemical and Dye Designer Colors on various lighter weights of fabric. I want to do some layering and hand stitching and I would like to use some vibrant colors so this is my idea. These are liquid highly saturated paints. I may try some Seta-Silk as well, I'll see.
I just ordered some voiles and lawn and gauze from Dharma but until they come , these will be my "test subjects".

 Very stiff buckram from a millinery supply house
 medium weight non-woven stabilizer for use with embroidery machine
 medium stiff stabilizer for embroidery machine use
same thing

all three after washing to soften. The very stiff buckram shrived up into the skinny piece and the woven stabilizer stayed pretty much the same except softer.

woven stabilizer (left) next to IRONED buckram (right)

 Five other fabrics
 White Rayon (L) and Silk Haboti (R)
 silk chiffon (L) and silk voile (R)
tightly woven cheese cloth (very stable) unlike cheese cloth for the kitchen

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  1. Well, you're about to have a blast! Me too. I just put some ink aid on some lawn to do some digital printing and painting on it. Have at it!


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