27 June 2013

On another note plus some great info

I saw this on another website and it was too good not to pass along to my online friends. This is a must see - Very creative!!

Clothing faces

And here is the great info

I use waxed linen to stitch up my book spines and I recently found the most fabulous site for waxed linen - beautiful, in fabulous colors and cheap.

Most colors are $1.40 to $2.97 for TEN YARDS!!!!!!

The colors above were 4 ply at $2.97


  1. Thanks for the tip. This looks like luscious thread. I like the colors.

  2. Thanks much for this link, Beth! I was at Blick's recently, and they only had a few colors, and all very heavy. Looks like we used 4-ply at Dorothy's workshop, yes?

  3. Thnak you Beth, I think I'll also try to order it from there. I hope iot will work out.


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