18 June 2013

Thank You, Nienke!!

On the way back from Toronto, I stopped in Stoughton, MA for a 3.5 hour visit to Mecca (IKEA). Earlier this year Nienke had a blog post about her new work space and I loved it. Not only was it fabulous but she was so clever in putting it together. The thought has never left my mind.
I have a 4' X 8' padded printing table and after seeing Nienke's work space, I've had this fantasy about one just like it 4' X 8'.
I drive one of the smallest cars but managed with the help of a kind man to get the large boxes squeezed into my tiny car. The seat release ended up getting broken but it was a small price to pay for my new work space. This is what the space looked like a few years ago:

Then I added a table in front of the ironing table so that it was two tables wide.

A really messy photo but you get the idea of what was here before. I removed BOTH tables, slid in the leaf of the table and removed the plastic organizer drawers beside the lamp. This is an in-progress picture:

The office chair is sitting in what will be the center of the work space. I started out with the Expedit shelves in this configuration but later turned the end (single) unit facing the same way as the other shelves with a space and one of the short plastic drawer units in between.

This is the entire work space assembled

Here you can see how I spaces the single and large Expedit units with the plastic drawer unit. This side is 8' long, four ' across.

Now I have set up the ironing table (2' X 4') at the end of the workspace. The table top is a 4' X 8' 1/2" particle board with a white laminate on top and bottom. The edges were raw snaggy particle board very vulnerable to water and swelling. I bought some Duck (not duct) tape in purple and used it as a wrap to protect the edge from moisture as well as make it attractive and smooth so fabric wouldn't snag on it. I hope you can see all the room I have on this side of the work space to stand.

Nice edging. Really looks finished.

This side is getting full of bins

On the short end of the table, I slid in a small unit of plastic drawers under the ironing table - still very accessible.

This table was LOADED with stuff but now everything is neatly in a bin.

 Containers for scissors and rotary cutters.

Even my painting table is cleared and organized.


  1. Fabulous space! I can just imagine you printing yards and yards of fabric there. Have a great month just playing in your new playground. I'm jealous!

  2. How wonderful! Nothing better than de-cluttering your work space... enjoy yourself!

  3. It's even better then my own!! I love the ironing table, will sort that out too!!

  4. Very nice space, We'll see the results.

  5. This looks great. The expedit is wonderful isn't it? I have a big one myself. I am very happy with it. And it is so tidy now. How long will it stay this way? :)

  6. I love your updates. How tall is your new table. I'm wondering if I could use these Expedite shelves under a cutting table.

  7. That looks great!! I'm planning to do something similar, but with overhang, so that I can sit at it.:)

  8. What a great space to work in, you must have had fun setting it up and getting everything organised. A wonderful space to be creative in!!

  9. You bet and putting the cabinets together was the most fun. I love assembling things.


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