11 June 2013

Big Sheet of Stonehenge Paper

This was too much fun. We used huge sheets of Stonehenge paper and a 3 foot long stick. I taped a foam brush to one end and a bristle brush to the other. I used full strength and diluted India Ink. When one side dried, I painted the other. On the penultimate day, we turned them into books.

That is me at the top of the picture and Dorothy Caldwell taking photos.

Pictures taken from the balcony (outdoor dining) by my friend Pam Lowe from Texas. The Maine Event folks will remember her - the massage woman. I "met" her when she bought my SAQA auction piece two years ago.

Cover. You never know when providence will appear and add to your creation. The woman next to me was throwing hands full of water on her paper and some got on mine. I think it is the most beautiful part (above). I even made it my cover.


  1. Love this idea for expanding creativity. What book structure did you make?

  2. What great photos! This was one of my favorite things in the workshop, so I'm delighted to have a photo of it--even with me in it :-)

  3. I love your paintings, and the book is very exiting. What will you do with it?

  4. What a great book! And the cover is a lucky happy accident!

  5. I "MAY" write some quotes or draw a few sketches. The linear format is so conducive to writing famous quotes but it is also just fun to look at. The b/w images are great!

  6. What fun, very effective results!


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