20 June 2013

Batik workshop

I had 3 women take the Batik Silk Scarf Workshop at the Art Greehouse

We had scads of fun - look...

This scarf was on the line drying. You can see the lines as the scarf blew against them.

Love that "batik" effect. Nothing like it!!

Two of the women used that stamp I made at the Dorothy Caldwell workshop at the Crow Barn.

This painted scarf was made by a 88 year young participant. She was a real trouper and made two scarves. The workshop was a birthday present from her daughter.

There was another scarf that was absolutely gorgeous but I forgot to get a photo of it.


  1. Love it! I hope to get some more batik in soon... thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This looks like good fun Beth.

  3. these look fabulous...I wish I didn't live a thousand miles away!! Would love to attend one of your workshops.

  4. Great post! It's great to see everyone being so creative and having fun. The stamp, from the Dorothy Caldwell Workshop, looks wonderful. When is the next batik workshop?

  5. I also lives more than Thousand miles and I love the batik fabrics, nice too see that age can inspire

  6. Beautiful scarfs! Hope to make one soon too :-)


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