04 April 2013

drizzle print purse

I started doing these drizzle and credit card prints last year. I take a piece of fabric and drizzle thickened dye on the then scrape with a credit card. I will do a tutorial soon. Meanwhile, I was pawing through my stash and found this fabulous drizzle print.

Since I am in a state of chronic state of being broke, I am trying to make things I can sell. Eventually everything will be on the table but today I decided to make a purse out of this fabric.


  1. Lovely purse! I love the straight lines on the painted fabric....looks wonderful.

  2. Beth this is fabulous!
    I love it!

  3. ohhh beth - love it - a lot! I want one LOL!!! I hope you'll consider sharing it on Off the Wall Friday - its running on my blog. Can't wait for the tutorial!

  4. Great use of your colourful print, it's lovely!

  5. I love this purse, and yours is beautiful, thank you for this sharing.

  6. Such a beautiful Monet-like statement for spring. And those pockets... I love inside purse pockets!


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