09 April 2013

Deconstructed playdate

Rosalita, one of the founders of the FIRE blog, came over the other day to get a refresher on how to set up the silk screens for deconstruction.
Since this was really just a mini-session of work, I didn't want to drag down my 4' X 8' printing table so I just used a 19 X 25 piece of 1" Styrofoam covered in an old quilt and white felt as a padded surface. I'm sure I've shown you this before but I can't remember when.

It's kind of a handy dandy quick print surface as long as you are working small.

I started by putting a small square of poly film on this printing surface covered with a piece of cloth. After constructing the screens with dye, I can stack them with spacers on the printing surface to dry. The catch cloth is great for a "clean-up" rag and potential usable fabric.

 I made 4 screens for her and 4 for me and we started the day by deconstructing them.

I didn't take many "wet" pictures. Rosalita's first deconstructed screen and below, mine "wet" on Haboti silk with vinegar soak.

This is linen "wet"

Here are the results of my work dry and ironed


an old cotton sheet scrap

The dry version of the wet linen - subtle and sweet

A larger piece of linen

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