11 April 2013

Fooling with dye

I talked about my catch cloth or small drop cloth in my last post that I used when setting up my screens. I had a cloth with the blues, greens and purple from my screens and Rosalita had a yellows and reds cloth from her screens. When all the work was done, I used the cloth to wipe out the bowls of thickened dye - just an excuse to get more dye on the cloth. I wiped my plastic knives on the cloth as well then took a small amount of print paste and drop of blue dye and use a credit card to cover the cloth with a light tint of blue dye - an all over coloring.

 I still had dye left so I took a 36" X 45" piece of cotton that I hadn't even washed yet and drizzled thickened dye on the cloth then used a credit card (Thank god dye doesn't hurt a credit card) to scrape the dye over the cloth, scraping hard with the edge of the stiff plastic card. My mistake was adding the red (3 primaries = mud). Perhaps the paleness of this piece is because I never washed the cloth in advance - note to self...

All this as well as the DEconstruction from the last post was done on my 4' X 8' print table which I keep covered with a flannel sheet and an old piece of fabric that I had deconstructed a LONG time ago. At the time, I thought it was the cat's pajamas but now more like the cat's lunch (eeewww). SO with the last bit of thickened dye I had left, I drizzled it onto the print table (our work was wrapped and batching in safety) and scrapped it around - Much nicer...

45" X 7'10"

Look at those yummy red/yellow smears!!!

Say tuned for a drizzle dyeing tutorial coming soon.!!


  1. Great, I love tutorials. And playing with dye is always great fun!

  2. This shows how yummy drop cloths can become!

  3. Hi Beth, I think your work is amazing, was looking at your website , especially like the birds,the Raven is brilliant. Thanks for the nice comment on my painting.

  4. These are very free and fun works.


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