01 October 2011

Sketching with thread

I don't think this is thread sketching the way the term is used in surface design but this is a sketch done with thread and a needle.

I threaded the bobbin with metal thread (thank you Margaret for your wonderful workshop). I did the sketching on the back and the front is the bobbin side. I like this. I am now working on four or five new Erics all with different techniques. I keep thinking I'm done then I find more and more ways to express this motif.


  1. I'm really enjoying your variations on the Eric theme. Have you tried the cheesecloth portrait approach? I'm dying to try that and now I have others to try thanks to you.

  2. I am relying on hints from Mary Pal to try that. Think I may dig out that QA magazine and add that to my list. I have about 4 more Erics - image transfer, transfer paper, digital printing and monoprint. I'm adding cheesecloth now too. I can't seem to stop myself!!!


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