15 October 2011

Melting Ice Cream (wrappers)

I saw this somewhere and I thought I would take one for the team and eat an entire box of ice creams. That of course was before I stopped eating sugar and grains BUT I still have the ice cream wrappers. In another burst of team camaraderie, I thought I would try painting and melting these little puppies.
Here is the self explanatory process I followed:

The wrapper

                                                       Time to paint with artists acrylics

                                                       Two pieces before the heating process

                                                              Heated with a heat gun

What I found was that the ice cream wrappers melt/blister into smaller bubbly sizes as in more textured than Tyvec while holding their shape better as in not curling into a ball - they stay flatter. They are also easier and more fun to acquire except now I will have to buy the ice cream for other people and ask them to carefully remove the wrappers without tearing. I like this product a lot but now will have a bit of a resentment while other people eat ice cream I bought!!  Perhaps the beautifully textured surfaces of these pieces will be enough of a consolation; they are quite beautifully textured.


  1. those really are lovely!

    P.S. like the new blog look!

  2. Thanks for 'taking one for the team'! Great discovery, I wonder other products are wrapped in this material?

  3. Beth, how interesting! so I guess I'll take one for the team and just buy them AND eat the ice cream!!! This is a 'have to try'...you just never know when you may need this type of texture!


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