21 October 2011

What fun - dyed quilt jacket

Well this was almost too much fun. I got this idea from the Kemshalls who used a old quilt Linda had made, over dyed it and used it as "material" to make a jacket. Just before we adopted Niamh, our standard poodle, I bought the most beautiful corn flower blue quilt from TJMaxx. When we brought Niamh home a few weeks later she was in heat and couldn't be neutered until she wasn't any longer. You see where this is going??? The quilt was never the same; covered in spots that just wouldn't come out.

Well, I got it out from storage, made a coat pattern from packaging paper and cut out the pattern pieces. I surged all the raw edges, and used the thickened dyes with a credit card (see this batik tutorial) and "painted" the pieces using the quilt pattern already on the quilt.

The coat was too big and too cold for a Maine coat so I ripped the pieces apart and re-cut the fronts, back and collar from those pieces. I had to cut two new sleeves - more form fitting- from the remains of the quilt and dye paint them to match. Well, it is done and awaiting the separating zip which I will pick up tomorrow. I really like this cute jacket and it is warm enough for cool day.


  1. The jacket is WONDERFUL!!! colors are great...everything..turned out perfect!

  2. ZOMG, Beth, this is AMAZING. Are you sure you don't need to SELL that jacket to someone who lives in Toronto? *smiles winningly*

    Seriously, it's stunning.

  3. Wow, WOW, and Wow again. This is fabulous. Seriously Fabulous!! Now it is my turn to ask if I can tell people I know you. :o)


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