11 September 2011

Two New Erics

Life has been going at warp speed over the last few weeks and this coming weekend is The Maine Event - the Maine SAQA meeting. It looks like no rest YET.
Meanwhile visions of new permutations of Eric have been bouncing into my head. One is a totally stitched version.  I want to do a bit of fill stitches on the shirt but it is otherwise done.

The other is a discharged version. I looked for my black fabric but then thought, "Why does discharge have to be on black?" I had 4 yards of a too dark olive I had made for another purpose and the color suited Eric just fine so here is Eric Discharged.

I really love this and may even try it again on a different fabric. Meanwhile I am very happy with this one.

a while later....

Not as good because the fabric was so highly figured but the discharge from purple to turquoise was a pleasant surprise.


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