31 October 2011

One more ERIC (for now)

My wonderful brother, Eric, was just here visiting with my cousin Margo. They came for my Dad's 90th birthday. While he was here, he saw a digital print on fabric I made of him and his dog that I manipulated in PSE. He really liked the "smile" on his dogs face. She has since passed from cancer so her happy face is especially wonderful to see. Here is the digital print with snow dyed fabric and discharged corners done through a cracked flour resist. By the way, my wonderful brother brought me PSE9. Told you he was wonderful - feeding the habit!

This isn't finished yet. I am waiting to see if he wants a binding with hanging sleeve or stretched on a frame.

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  1. He's no fool. Look what he gets if he keeps your magic tools up to date! What a wonderful keepsake for him, especially now that he's lost his girl. :0(

    Great job!


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