01 April 2010


Few know I am a third degree Reiki practitioner.  When I think of that universal energy that comes through the top of my head and out my hands, I believe the energy I refer to so frequently as my Higher Power is channeling through me. I have spent little time wondering why I keep this attunement to myself; I just do.
This quilt came to me many months ago and I sketched it in my book. Its need to become substance came to my mind and I set about to turn my thoughts into fabric.
The hand was made with dupioni silk that I hand dyed a few weeks ago in a workshop in Fall River. I had sketched this image with fingerprints and hand creases just as it appears with the aura of energy made with frayed organza radiating off the edges just as it appears. I wanted to add a symbolic element so I stenciled my hand cut spirals onto the commercially dyed background fabric and projecting spirals free motioned in holographic pink "thread" coming off the finger tips. This is an exact representation of the image that appeared in my mind.

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