23 April 2010

It's like deja vu all over again

Well, here I sit again after yet another website faux pas. I just had gotten the website STARTED when I got a notice that I had exceeded the limits (size of bandwidth and MB of space) of my contract with GoDaddy. No way I was going to shell out more money for a bigger site. It's not like I sell anything. I was just getting warmed up with my website so I opted to cancel my contract with GoDaddy for the second time. I am leaving out the angst producing details. So now I am back with my blog or blob as I so frequently misspell it. Is there a hidden meaning in there somewhere?? So...................here I go.

Yesterday I had to cancel my Thursday playdate with Rosalita to cart my mother around. My dad's in the hospital but with an easily fixable problem. He will no longer be on Coumadin but rather take a baby aspirin like the rest of us mortal (without insurance).

During the time she was stranded at Waldo County Hospital, I managed to mix up large quantities of ProChem print paste, Urea water, and soda ash soak and lesser amounts of red, blue,yellow and black dye. As the afternoon drew to a close, I hurriedly mixed 10 containers of a low water immersion dye bath and popped in full width ½ yard lengths of PFD fabric.

I wanted to do some light colors that I could alter with print paste either applied by hand, brush, credit card or silk screened – maybe a batik or shibori or 12. I only left them in the dye bath for an hour or so then rinsed them prior to the hot water set. They looked so cute rinsed and waiting in their little containers that I thought I would take a “group photo”. Is this an artist thing? At any rate, here they are in all their pastel glory. Now I remember why I don't like pastels but an over dyeing or direct application of additional color is just around the corner.

So all my parts: blog ramblings as well as tutorials and new art work: are back under one roof. I think I'll just stay away from websites for awhile. I wonder if there is a 12 step program for compulsive website launchers?

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