28 March 2010

Zac Louis Hornstein's Quilt

This is the beautiful quilt I made for my beautiful grandson Zac. My son Russ chose the color, blue and I took it from there. I decided I wanted to do circles made out of the drunkards path pattern which is a square with a quarter circle in one corner. If you placed 4 squares, quarter circles touching, you get a big square with a whole circle in the center. I have always been fascinated with piecing curved lines.
At any rate. Here is the quilt. I call it 20 moons. Zac was born on a “blue moon”. On a lighter turquoise square I free motioned in cursive Zac's name. The one “moon” was done in a chrysanthemum design but it was hard to see on the printed fabric so I snapped a pic on the wrong side to see the details. I have about a dozen or so “details” of some of the moons. Click on the Flickr photostream and use the slide show feature to see the moons to their best advantage. The entire quilt is 4X5 feet, machine pieced and free motion machine quilted.


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  1. Oh my God, this is absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented, Beth!


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