19 April 2010

A new day

I have decided to limit my blogging to pretty much random thoughts. I have started a new website and all of my artwork will be there along with the recording of the processes I used . One part of this journey was questioning why I wanted a website. Part of the reason was practicality. In certain venues, you cannot enter the address of a blog and call it a website. This I found out while entering information about myself in the information base of an art organization I just joined, the Surface Design Association. A blog is a blog and a website, I assume, is considered serious.
So I asked myself why do I need to be seen as serious? What exactly am I trying to accomplish. I do not actively seek to sell my work. If I never sold anything, I would have no problem with that. My work is a journey. It is the visual record of learning to speak art. If no one ever finds it pleasing, that would be OK too. My journey is just that and not an attempt to curry favor or meet someone else's expectations or parameters for “art”. I love the MGM motto, Ars gratia artis Art for the sake of art.I do not need to be a "commercial" artist to be serious. I consider it serious.
Some people sing, others play the violin, still others can so beautifully craft a sentence that it makes you weep. I can't do any of those things. I express myself with color, texture, and shape. Those are the “words” I use to express a thought, emotion, or concept.
So my journey has taken a position on the web. I see so many forks in the road. I am trying new techniques and modalities of applying my “words” to fabric and other materials. Each path adds a nuance to my sentences; shapes them so they can be seen in a new way. So off I go....It's a wonderful day.


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  1. You have very neatly chosen a position in a chaos where I am still finding my stand.


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