04 April 2010

Rosalita, Woman of Mystery

I know you have all patiently listened to me go on and on about my new friend Roalita I'm equaly sure you've each had your own mental picture of what she looks like. When I think of “a Rosalita” I imagine a tall dark skinned Hispanic woman with flowing wavy black hair in a white peasant blouse and colorful gathered skirt. That's not her.
Rosalita is a year older than me, almost exactly; Our birthdays are just 2 days apart. She is a Mainer, half Scottish/Irish and half French/Native American. She is 5'3” and a ball of energy. She is creative and generous and kind and we have loads of fun together.
A few weeks ago we went to Massachusetts for a 3 day weekend. No, not a spa. The first day was almost constant driving with stops in Pembroke, MA (don't ask. We had a hard time finding it) to get some supplies at New England Quilt Supply and lunch then on to Mecca, I mean Ikea. We spent a fun few hours picking out fabric and this and that. We couldn't get too much because I was hauling my mega sewing machine and about 5 bolts of fabric in the trunk. Then we were off to Fall River.

We spent the weekend at a Dyeing workshop using both fiber reactive dyed (plant fibers) and acid dyes (protein fibers). We had romanticized (or at least I did) this magic kingdom of color, then when we got their we didn't even know it. This company is BIG and I was expecting Big. It turned out to be half of one floor of a derelict factory. Gross on the outside but bursting with color, creativity and like-minded people on the inside. What a ball. It's been a long time since I had that much fun. It was an experience that came very late in life for me but one I had always been looking for.

As much as Rosalita and I are alike, we are polar opposites in color choices. She is HOT colors: bright yellows, oranges and reds as well as muted earthy tones. I am COLD cobalt, turquoise, green and purples. At a later date, I will share photos of the fibers we dyed.

Back to my friend. As some of you know we met at a craft show where she was helping a friend tend her booth. She had one piece of her own for sale. It was mostly embroidered and very creative. The booth was across from my booth and after I was set up, decided to take a stroll around before the doors opened. I thought the booth was hers and started to comment on the quilts in the booth which I had seen at the U.M.O. show a few weeks before. Well, it didn't take more than a few minutes of talking about our work before we knew we were kindred spirits. We were almost hopping up and down with excitement about meeting each other. It's like being in a foreign land finding a fellow countryman amongst the strangers.
It's been non-stop fun since then, trying crazy things, new techniques, being happy for each other, sharing what we find when we're on our own, emailing, calling planning, making and waiting til we can get together again. It is wonderful to be on the same path, equal footing where there is no judgment only support and happiness for the good fortune of the other. We are sharing our love of art and creativity. I feel very fortunate indeed to have found someone like Rosalita. 

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