02 May 2019

My solo show

Here is my disclaimer: I took these photos to send to the woman who was printing the labels so she would know which label went with each piece. They are far from good pictures and a few just have partial shots. You have seen most if not all of these over the past few years. Three of the pieces have sold but I don't know which. They are in order so she could identify the piece which went with each label.


I know the one above on the left sold.


  1. Beautiful, Beth! I'm sure it's even better in person.... such a wonderful array showing many techniques and mediums! Hope they all sell, then you'll have to make more! ;-)

  2. Your show in person is lovely! Such a diverse collection, and yet unified....Seeing the small quilted pieces has made me appreciate your quilt all over again. B. has asked me if I would like to have a show there! Yes, I said, Yes! It's such a special dear place, isn't it?

  3. I agree that I'm sure these were even more wonderful when seen in person. Congratulations on selling pieces! I am curious, though that you put them behind glass. I resist doing so whenever possible due to the tactile nature of my work and also so the fabric can breathe. Just wondering what lay behind your decision to use glass in the frames. :-)

    1. I think people like them behind glass and I know my silk and wool tiny landscapes are 3 D and I DON"T want people touching them. After they buy them, they can remove the glass if they want to but most people think it looks chintzy without glass.


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