20 May 2019

An invitation and an announcement

The invitation is to take advantage of one or more of my workshops this summer. This summer I am having 10 workshops most of which require no artistic ability, experience or prerequisites. There is a huge array of work and loads of fun along the way.

The announcement is that this is my last year teaching workshops. I have had a lot of fun teaching and meeting people and bringing a huge variety of surface design techniques to a great bunch of lovely and fun women. Now I am moving on to other mediums although I am sure I can never give up my surface design work especially considering the massive amount of supplies I still have. (smile)

So if you have never taken a workshop here on the beautiful coast of Maine or want to squeeze in a few more please check out the workshop schedule.

Next up, is a silk screen workshop on May 30. Here are 25 rayon infinity scarves that I and perhaps you will be silk screening on the 30th.

Ready to go

One from last years Maine Event.

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