07 March 2019

Tiny landscape

This is a landscape I made from an idea I put in my sketchbook.

I used walnut ink to color the linen for the ground and I painted the rayon sky with watercolors.

I free motion sketched the tree trunk and horizon

Then hand stitched the leaves. They may not appear small but this entire piece is 3.5 X 5.5 inches. Initially the loose threads looked like roots but now they just look messy. Also I thought the ground needed more SOMETHING  so I tried out "stitches" with it under an acetate sheet.



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  1. Love it! I was only recently introduced to auditioning stitch ideas using acetate... very clever way to test ideas before making them permanent.

  2. The bottom compostion leads us right into the scene...A harmonious palette...

    1. I actually really like this tiny piece. It will be in my show at St. Margaret's in April


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