28 March 2019

Latest big piece - Horizon 9

 I have been working on this landscape series over the last 3 or 4 years. I made many horizons and foregrounds and did about as much as I could do with them. I am having a one woman show in April and wanted a second large piece to sort of anchor the small pieces. This is the other large piece which interestingly enough is Horizon 1 which has gone unsold for years. I love this piece and it is hanging in my living room.

The second piece is made up of these two parts, one batik and the other deconstructed silk screen like Horizon 1.

It looked a bit somber and the two pieces were like puzzle pieces which were just a bit off. I needed to make a segue piece and I started looking through my LWI purple pieces. I laid them out to see which color would be the unifying piece to pull this together.

I had a third darker color but I discarded that one right away. I saw a solid color would not do the trick so I then planned on using paint and thermofax screens I created myself for this series. I used an olive color for the grasses, then went over them again with a olive bronze metallic. On one I added dark olive cattails.

 I accidentally picked up the discarded (darkest) piece and printed that too. here they are taped to the wall drying

This one has one layer of grasses and the added cattails.

Next post you can see the finished piece framed.


  1. Ooh, can't wait to see the finished piece! And of course, pix of the show when you are up and running!

  2. Love the piece with the cattails. Looking forward to the big reveal.


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