25 March 2019

Spirit doll

I made this because I was procrastinating making the big piece I'll show you next post. I had started this doll during last years "Spirit Doll Workshop" but just to demonstrate "how -to". I never intended to make a doll. Anyway. I found it somewhere and thought I could kill some time instead of doing what I was supposed to do because I was at a point where I had to make a decision and my brain froze. Well, after much procrastination time, here she is.

Her head is air-dry clay and she has a fabric bead for a neck. Her body is made from chop sticks wrapped and glued. I paint inside her mouth is red brown and her eyes are black.

I cut 1/2 strips of quilt batting and wrapped it around her body and actually used a glue stick to hold the ends in place. Glue sticks are cool.

Her dress is made from a sample of acid dyed silk I experimented with before making silk curtains. I used foil beads as an embellishment which are actually holding her scarf in place. Her belt is metallic threads that match her fabric bead hands.

And just in case you were wondering, I am writing this post because I am procrastinating finishing that big piece. OK, I'm finishing it now....


  1. I love her! Spirit Dolls are so cool, and fun to make! Can't wait to see the next one...

    1. After the workshop hopefully there will be quite a few.

  2. Wow!!! She has a powerful spitit! Springtime, bring it on!!! (Procrastinating...it's an odd human trait...comes more to some than to others, if you know what I mean...But, what I saw here was like making lemonade from lemons...)

    1. Thanks Rita. My cousin commented "Scary" I don't see it.


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