14 March 2019

A Wedding Gift

My really good friend is getting married and I offered to make the "Vow Books" and the "Guest Book". The colors in the wedding are navy and white with a bit of silver and touch of green. I made some scrapped painted paper and some with a bit of a swirl. She liked both. The small vows book is 6 X 4.5 and the guest book is my usual coptic bound book 6 X 9. I made the vows books as pamphlet style tied in Royal blue and metallic silver and the guest book is stitched with my own hand dyed thread in medium blue.

Pamphlet signatures just 6 pages

Guest book has 8 signatures for 128 pages

Covers and thread


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I gave them to her at her bridal shower.

  2. Beautiful, your friend is very lucky.

  3. What lovely gifts for your lovely friend!

  4. What lovely books to help them have a very special day! You are a wonder!


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