03 October 2018


Saltaire is a village in Yorkshire created as an industrial complex along with housing for the workers and other niceties of village life. It was an idea called Philanthropic Paternalism whereby a factory owner created a village around the industry, in this case a wool and Alpaca spinning mill. Believe me when I say Yorkshire has sheep!!!!

The huge mill is now an art museum, shops and even private residences. When we visited there, there happened to be a Hockney exhibit and all the works were created by David Hockney on an iPad. The were printed (maybe 40 X 60) and framed. They are all of the same road and various times of the year.

This one may be easier to read

For those interested in fiber art, this portrait was done in fiber


  1. I visited Saltaire twice - once while the Hocking exhibit was up and another time in 2012 when there was a fabulous fiber show. Great place to wander around. There's a chapel not far that's dedicated to the mill founder and is quite a treasure as well.

    1. How cool that you saw the installation as well!! I was traveling with my son and his family so he had a "schedule" to keep. No wandering (smile)


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