03 July 2018

MidSummer Maine day two

There were several people very excited about making coptic stitched books. Usually this is a very intense one day workshop in itself. We started the first day with the paste paper to cover the bookboard covers and folding the signatures leaving the rest of the process for the next day. The first day we also made accordion folded books and pamphlet stitched books with paste paper covers.

Accordion fold book

Pamphlet book getting a custom first page

We spent a considerable amount of time learning to stitch the spines of our coptic books... 

but look at the results!!

Here is a completed pamphlet (U.R.) with paste paper cover, an accordion book (u.l.) and a coptic book. There are also some fabric beads laying on the book. 

We made fabric beads which are pictures above in the last half hour of day one and left them to dry over night. Second day, we wrapped them in metallic thread with bead embellishments. These are great to add to quilts or book covers. See how cute they turned out!!

Rolling the fabric on knitting needles for the fabric buttons

Another technique we learned was weaving papers

and everyone was interested in learning more about gelli printing.

Wow! What a day!!

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  1. Wow, what beautiful work! Bet every one was tired by the end of the day, but what a great way to dive in to creativity!

  2. Oooooh !! So glad you have the photos!!!! I only made it to one day, but I loved being drenched in those beautiful colors and everyone's creatitions!! Fantastic workshop, Beth!!

  3. Looks like an exciting workshop you gave, with nice results!

  4. Again, Ooooooooh!!!!!!!! Yippee! Yeeehaw!!!!!


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