28 June 2018

The first MidSummer Maine Workshop

I was struck with this idea during the winter to have a workshop using paper and mark. Why sew something without working it out on paper first. How about a few exercises to rev up that creativity and a hand made book or two to keep those ideas in one place. We had some takers, enough for a full house. The way the room was arranged we each had all the room we needed at a six foot table. We were surrounded with supplies and inspiration. This was day one:

Art Art Greenhouse all lite up awaiting the artists. You can see all the "art faeries" swarming the building (or maybe raindrops on my lens?)

Our alfresco lunch spot on my deck

We are making paste papers to cover our book. We will be using these papers in other ways over the weekend, probably during the year as well as during next years MidSummer Maine II.

Our hard work drying on my fabulous drying rack in the Maine summer sun!!

Covering the bookboard covers with paste paper

Tearing signatures to make our books which had 160 pages each. Each signature was 16 pages.

In the yard making "MARKS" on large sheets of paper. Later we can weave them into a composition.

The long "arms" holding the marking making implements along with using our non-dominant hands gave use wonderful squiggly line and interesting shapes.

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  1. Oh, it looks like so much fun! I love the squiggle making tools... very clever!

  2. Wish I could have been there.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Double Ooooooo!!!! So much I missed. So rich, so rich!! Lovely to see it and them!!!!

  5. PS How did you get those wonderful fairies to appear?


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