19 July 2018

Ready for the next workshop

We've had a bit of a heat wave but nothing compared to inland temps. For us 85 is high. Inland it is 95+. I went out to the Art Greenhouse to reorganize all the materials and clean the place for the next workshop early early. I also noticed it was darker in the front of the building so today I installed another set of "daylight" bulbs. The bulbs make the place look like there are skylights or no roof at all. Great!! Tomorrow the next workshop starts!

There are NO lights on and it's about 6 am so it seems a bit dark.

I love that new paper drying rack.


And last but not least, new aprons for the participants

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  1. I love your classroom, so perfect for making art! Hope the class goes well...

  2. Hope the session goes well. Looks like a lovely space.

  3. Love seeing the before, the calm before the creative storm, the sense of anticipation...the room was waiting for us, for a happening. And what a wonderful space it is!


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