26 July 2018

MidSummer Maine II day two

 Another perfect day in Paradise and we were all set to go. We spent today finishing up our books and filling them with various techniques. We decided to take a motif, like a circle , and use as many techniques and we could come up with in an hour to express "circle". In the past I did an entire book using milkweed pods as a motif. It really makes you reach outside of the box mining for ideas.

The we explored different techniques

and we made some fabric beads for future embellishments - fun!

Dripping multicolored paints


  1. Lots of great ideas and examples there!

  2. Love the idea of working one motif using multiple techniques. Hmm...

  3. Oooh and how fun to see the workshop from this perspective!!! I LiVED it, I LOVED it, see my blog posts, at least 3 of them reflect on those magical 2 days...YOU, thank you for sharing...


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