02 January 2018

The big finish

I did a pretty good job not duplicating too many quilt designs. I did use a lot of words I use to describe my sister like wonderful and amazing.

All quilted so now I need some bias tape for the binding.

Would you believe this is an indigo dye? Halogen lights are NOT good when taking photographs.

I ended up with over 25 YARDS of bias tape. I was a bit concerned that I might run out. Didn't happen.

Good color above.

Finished, in a box and in the mail winging its way to Indiana.


  1. Happy New Year, Beth! I wish you to be healthy and create much, much in 2018 ...

    1. Thank you so much Carmina. Happy New Year to you too and I look forward to seeing your art work and more travel posts. I hope you get to many art shows this year. I love your retrospectives of the shows.

  2. Spectacular, amazing and beautiful, and thoughtful as thoughts of the receiver go into each stitch! I am in awe of a project like this that has so many steps...


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