05 January 2018

Book Cover Extravaganza

I really enjoyed working on the quilt and was not quite ready to put the Juki to bed so I put in a new needle and indulged in a book cover extravaganza. I went through fabric I made over the last 12 years and picked out some contenders. Some were fabric paint experiments but most were experiments of some kind. After the experiment I just put the pieces to bed so this was a great opportunity to give them another life.

This was the original pile of fabrics all ironed nicely. I added more and still have more book covers yet to make.

The cloth from the table where I set up screens to deconstruct

This was a stamping and colography experiment. The colograph was done with hot glue squiggles on a cardboard base

This was a paint and stamp experiment

Using up dye after a thickened dye session

This was bleach sprayed on Travertine tiles then black cotton placed on the bleachy tiles. I really like this one.

This was fabric that Nienke sent me years ago. It was beautiful and needed to be the "star of the show". These book covers were the perfect vehicle for showing off her dyeing techniques.


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