23 January 2018

Out of the dyer and under the iron

The first shirt, the one that is too small for me, came out GREAT I love the colors and the figuring on the fabric

Dye is all washed out then into the washer with THREE color catchers

Two pictures of the ironed shirt on a hanger

Just beautiful coloring on this shirt

The other shirt (mine) almost looks like camo. I am very disappointed

What do you do when your very disappointed? Yeah, more dye...


  1. And then we set it on Fire... just sayin'! I'm sure it came out great, and if not, you have an arsenal of wonderful techniques to use on it! Can't wait to see what you do...

  2. Beth, that shirt, it is a wonderful artist's smock shirt...Part of exploring in art instead of following pre-set patterns: accepting the successes and the disappointments. Like life....yah...


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