19 January 2018

The Artist Shirt or What do you do after two blizzards

I visited my friend Marcella's clothing store this summer and she had these FABULOUS shirts that one of her employees named "The Artist Shirt". I loved them and since they were white I thought of all the ways I could color them up. I pre-soaked the one that would fit me thinking I would apply thickened dye in scrapings but with all this snow, the thought "Snow Dye" popped in my head. Holy Cow what a great idea.
I have a refrigerator full of bottles of dye concentrate but I mixed up new for full potency. Here is the story in pictures.

I recently started mixing my MX dyes in empty dye jars. No fooling around with dye powder possible going into the air then into my lungs. Heavy shaking really gets the dye mixed well

Dye and soda ash

Hardware cloth screens to suspend the fabric above the dripping dye.

Fabric arranged scrumpled up on the screens

Here comes the snow.

First "snow cone" covered in dye. At this point you can see the colors very easily.

Fresh dye

Starting to rot

Now its ready for the microwave treatment. Dye works between 70 and 110 so I'm ready to warm it up.

Fabric with some dye filled snow covered in plastic wrap and going into the microwave for 8 minutes on high. That would be my dedicated microwave.


  1. I congratulate you for being so creative. You used this harsh winter for your creation.
    I look forward to the outcome,I think it will be something great !!

    1. Thanks Carmina. Shirt #1 was beautiful but shirt #2 was a disaster!!

  2. OOOh, blueberries in the snow! Do you mean, like really rot?


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