14 November 2017

More deconstructed screen

After my last attempt to use the deconstructed screens as stamps I ended up having 11 screens left. I went WAY outside of my comfort zone (being lazy is my comfort zone) and pre-soaked "table cover" fabric for the next batch.  Marcella who owns a clothing store in Rockland, Maine (Mace's) gave me two white shirts that her assistant calls "Artists Shirts". She says they are walking out the door. She gave me two in "One Size" and "One Size Plus". I really love super baggy clothes so I am dyeing the plus one for myself. I will also try to buy some more from her to dye and sell. We'll see how that goes. There my not be anymore from her wholesaler. Meanwhile I pre-soaked the plus shirt and hung it on the line to dry. I went even further outside my lazy comfort zone and got my spinner out to spin the pre-soaked fabrics dry. If you do a lot of pre-soaking, a spinner is wonderful. You can recapture most of the soda ash liquid NOT to save money because it is cheap but start with spun dry fabric and not have to make more because it's just dripping off the fabrics and being wasted. This spinner is probably some of the best money I have ever spent. For some reason I can't link (error message) the Spinner on Amazon so cut and paste this: https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Portable-Countertop-Spin-Dryer/dp/B002HT0958/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1510070184&sr=8-5&keywords=clothes+spinner

Tomorrow is my crazy day so I hope to get to the deconstruction the day after. Stay tuned!!


  1. Love the shirt, love the spinner! Think Marcella would share her source for the shirts? I might want to try dyeing some of those if the price is right! ;-)

    1. Just asked her and her supplier is no longer selling the shirt.


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