03 November 2017

Lots to be grateful for

This past week our state, Maine, (large enough to hold Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont) lost 90% of it's power grid to hurricane force winds. Beautiful boats dragged their moorings to the shore and were dashed to splinters on the rocks that line our shore. We were without power for three days so no internet not to mention no heat or way to cook!!

I have been working on a new "concept" and fortunately art does not require power as long as you create it when the sun is out.

I'm not sure how many of you remember me making beautiful fabric from my print table covers. I cover them with cotton fabric (no soda ash) 45" wide and 8 feet long. It is ostensibly to "protect" the print table but an alternative agenda is the use the colored dye and wax impressions left behind to create fabulous fabric. I have used failed deconstructed prints made very early in my learning curve to make fabric like that used to make a quilt for my dog Owen - not to keep him warm but to keep his dirty feet off my off white love seat.

This fabric is so VIVID but on a cloudy day under artificial light....oh well


So I stare at this quilt a lot and got the idea to purposely not "finish" the deconstructed prints but use them as "stamps" to be colored in with thickened dye afterward. Here is how I started...

Fourteen Silk Screens. This is also a pretty good picture of the cloth on the print table "before"

Six colors of thickened dye (one is hiding)

A piece of scrap fabric to draw the screens on of

Many years collection of jar lids for spacers. Air movement is critical.

Previously used burlap, some weird bubble wrap and my favorite - crumpled waxed paper.

Screen placed on the "textures" with thickened dye at the top of the screen

First screen and the only "clean" one. I never clean my brayer so colors mix. You can't plan those happy accidents.

First down with spaces

This is what I was talking about. Dribs and drabs of other colors mixing in from previous screens


Is that not yummy?

and on and on till all 14 screens are covered

I use the "texture" pieces as stamps as well. Waste not and gets some great colors.

Waiting to dry..................


  1. You are amazing! Sorry to hear about the power & damage, but you're very clever to find ways to make art in spite of mother nature! Can't wait to see the fabric you create from these screens!

    1. I only used 3 screens so I still have 11 just sitting there but hopefully not too long

  2. What a power nature has, it is hard that it costs so much damage to people. But you found a great way to spend your time. What a lovely screens you made, one day I will try to make one myself, never did it, but it is fascinating me since a long time. This week I unpacked my stuff, so next week I can go back to work. Have a nice weekend!


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