26 April 2017

Painting the textured surfaces

Well, this was surprising and exciting and not at all what I was suspecting.

The pages above were both molding paste. As far as texture, I found them very uninspiring and really a bit dull.

The left image above is gel medium and I certainly achieved some interesting texture and I love the way the paint collected and settled on that left page. The right page was a bit dull and although I like the colors, when painted on molding paste that looked grainy and boring.

These two images above are both gel medium and I love the way the paint was shed from the surface. On the right image where I used water in the center, it actually washed away the paint instead of just diluting it on a few squares.

The left image with large squares is molding paste and the right is gel medium. Guess which one I like better (smile).

The reason I chose green on this image was to see if green watercolor would have any effect on dry red acrylic paints since they are complimentary colors. Nope! This insipid textured surface was molding paste.


  1. I need to get my molding paste jars used up! good experiment

  2. Thanks for the comparison. I was all set to go buy molding paste but now I'll pass.

    1. I'm sure it's good for something just not what I was looking for.

  3. What a big difference in results Beth, and I agree, the gel medium is much more exciting! Maybe the Mod Pod is better for work that doesn't need effects, like photo transfer for example...?

  4. How lovely to have the gift of daily visual surprises in your life!!

  5. Not the results I would have expected either.


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