30 January 2017

Book bag

This was my first foray into stitching leather. I used my Juki, a leather needle, and heavy duty thread.

This was a heavy canvas laundry bag that I shibori dyed in Indigo.

I wanted exposed seams slightly fringed.

Special leather needles

I took a snip of leather and a snip of canvas to test whether the machine could handle anything this thick and heavy. As they say in Maine, "Slicker than a smelt".

As you can see I stitched the leather strap on in a square shape then folded over the strap to make a rounded handle

I LOVE this book bag!!!!!!


  1. Very clever! I have not tried sewing on leather, but have leather needles I bought awhile back for a project using moldable fusible interfacing, which is very dense and rigid... worked great!

  2. I Love This Too! What a great tote!


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