25 January 2017

This has been a hard fall without my Muse

I have had such a hard time getting motivated without my Muse, Judith. She spent this last semester getting her masters degree. You don't know how important someone is until they are gone. I've managed to muddle along with brief glimpses of inspiration but nothing like what happened yesterday when Judith came over. By the time she left (and we did nothing but talk, eat lunch out then watch a little DMTV) I was bursting with ideas of what I wanted to do. As a matter of fact, I think I am going to do a "Month of Techniques" for February. I already have 23 on a list and I'm adding more.

I want to offer a challenge for folks to follow along and do the techniques with me. I am starting in a sketchbook so ANYONE can join in. You can also translate that technique on to fabric. This is how you go from sketch book to fabric.

Come play with me and learn a plethora of techniques - in a book so they are documented- and then if you have time you can try them on fabric as well. 

Now you want to hear how excited I am about this?? Judith is coming back next week!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you gals had a great day, and I love when a burst of inspiration and ideas comes! Not sure I can keep up with you... I've spent the past month playing with some new techniques on paper and fabric, but have returned to some of my old stand-bys. What I SHOULD be doing is snow dyeing... Lord knows I have plenty of snow, but just not inspired to do that right now! I look forward to following your posts to see what you're up to now!

  2. Golly. Glad you are fired up. I van only try. 2017 is filling up fast! 👍

  3. Love your enthusiasm! ! I want to do that too!! Yay go Beth go!! Can you tell I never got to be a cheerleader? Pam Gonzalez

  4. What an inspiration and nice ideas. I will follow your process, but am not sure I can follow you right away. Very busy with my artbags for the exposition in april. But I give it a try!

  5. Sounds like fun!!!


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