05 January 2016

Quilt finished

I have been working on this for about 6 months, on and off. So to recap, this is a bed quilt I made with my gynormous stash of commercial fabrics. I made it up as I went along trying really hard not to make it another Drunkard's Path quilt although I did do 3 blocks using that template. The template also came in handy later...

As you know on a QAYG quilt you connect the blocks into rows then use connectors to join the rows. I thought (what a great idea) to join 2 rows then two separate rows instead of rows one, two, three and four. My rationale was that at least for a short time I wouldn't have the weight of all four rows while connecting. Remember this quilt is backed with flannel - HEAVY! So here are the two sections of two rows each.

Here is the quilt center completed. All four rows are joined and it is ready for the sashing and border. 

Actually, that block with the green circle is the "signature" block and is supposed to be on the lower right like in the photo below even though you can't even see it!

I cut all of the commercial batik for the border and then thought It might not be quilt large enough so I dyed two yards of fabric a matching/complimentary turquoise to add 20" in width and length (10" each side which trimmed out to about 9")

The halogen lights in my new "studio" take terribly inaccurate COLOR pictures. The fabric which I will try to photograph in natural light is actually a nice mid-value. Below is the turquoise fabric stitched to the Batik that will be the border. Also on top of that is continuous bias strips (in progress). 

Finally a sunny day! Would you believe I ran out of my custom turquoise for making bias strips!! The fabric on the right came out of my hand-dyed stash. Phew!! Now I have enough to bind the quilt.

All the bias strips are joined (36 ft) and ironing in half ready to stitch on but wait.....

I have to trim off all the raged edges before stitching. At night, in bed the thought occurred to me,"This is for a bed and not the wall so why not round the corners."

The Drunkards Path template came to the rescue and I had four perfectly rounded corners.

I of course didn't get a picture of the binding which was probably the best binding job ever (for me). I also didn't want to put it on the floor to take a picture. Trust me it was beautiful. Maybe Patricia will send a photo of it on her bed.

Here it is all ready to be mailed. It is rolled with a couple of layers of this weird fabric I bought 100 yards of but use for odd purposes like covering a quilt.

I did make a "sample" of the binding with a cut off scrap just for continuities sake and would you believe both camera's batteries were dead. Ugh! I took a picture under halogen lights with my phone. Guess it's better than a stick in the eye (Maine expression).


  1. Wow! It turned out gorgeous, as usual! You are amazing... I can't make myself even think about working on something that large. BTW, we had a similar saying when I was growing up... better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! Pretty close, huh? ;-)

  2. Sew... would you do the QAYG again? It intrigues me! Aren't curves corners groovy!!!

  3. It is a magnificent, ambitious quilt!! And imagine the good, jouful, beautiful feelings of the person who is sleeping under it!!

  4. What a beautiful thing and how much work !! Congratulations, Beth!

  5. Lovely the way that it's turned out and rounded corners are actually better for bed quilts, in my opinion anyway.

  6. An idea comes to you overnight (my best idea time too) and it ends up making the project even more spectacular. Well done.

  7. It's a one-of-a kind piece of art. I think the curved corners were the perfect touch.


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