12 January 2016

Ellen's English Paper pieced quilt

You may remember way back two and a half years ago when I was having chemo, I had started a nice, easy to carry project for the hours I would spend in chemo. Well, I ended up with neuropathy in my hands and feet and couldn't feel the needle. My friend Judith's daughter, Ellen, who is also a friend, offered to finish the EPP quilt for me. I had done maybe a foot square. She spent A LOT of time taking teeny tiny stitched and assembled this 45 X 50" quilt. She gave it to me over a year ago and I am embarrassed to say I have been looking at it since then. I HATE UFOs so I decided to clear up all the pieces staring me in the face.

Look at all those tiny stitches. She developed a callus on her finger from the needle!

Zigzagging odd pieces of backing together to use.

This was white flannel I had used on my design wall. I popped it in a plastic basin with green dye. I thought flannel would make a soft backing.

Ready to pin. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow, what a lot of work that must have been for her. But it's going to be gorgeous!

  2. THAT is a labour of love. wonderful!!!

  3. What beautiful quilt. A special quilt indeed. The colours are so soft but still vibrant.
    And will be so cosy with a flannel back.

  4. What a wonderful gift. We're so used to seeing hexagons that these pieces are really beautiful.

  5. A special quilt, beautiful colors ... it deserves so much work!

  6. What a special project. I'm interested to see how you will quilt this beauty!


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