19 January 2016

EPP finished

When Ellen first gave me the finished top, I put it in a post and asked for suggestions on how to quilt it. The majority of comments were to follow the seams. I stitched to the side of each seam with a 1/4" row of stitches. I stitched both top to bottom and side to side.

The sandwich all pinned.

A saw this on a DVD. Take a photo of the quilt and practice drawing stitch lines on the paper. It's much easier and faster tha ripping out stitches.


Binding and a close-up of the stitching

The flannel back.

After I finished this post I put the quilt on the chair in the living room. It looked so amazing as thought it was MADE for that room that I had to take a couple of pictures.


  1. The quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing your process!

  2. Gorgeous! What a marvelous piece, and it does fit in that room like it was made for it!

  3. It really does look wonderful, and a perfect fit for that room.

  4. Dang! I am thinking my first thoughts and sure enough the first comment I see uses it. lol But it bears repeating. GORGEOUS! This room must just make you Smile!!!!

  5. It is gorgeous. It also looks amazing in your room. Love your use of colour.

  6. A fabulous looking quilt and the colours do indeed fit perfectly with the room.


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