03 March 2014

Nylon Dog Food Carrier Bags

My next creative project was making these carrier bags from nylon dog food bags. I not only made these to make them but to get the 11 bags out of my supply area. I made this a three day project to keep it short each day and not so much like work. Long time readers of my blog will certainly remember these on my blog from about 4  years ago.

The first thing was cutting the bottoms off the dog food bags, turning them inside out and washing (I did it in the shower) them thoroughly to get the grease and smell out. If you think dog food smells bad just wait until the grease goes rancid!!   P U !!

Bags grouped in fours. I have serged the bottoms and they are waiting for bottom corners and handles.

I used a sewing ruler to mark up and over 2"

I put my hand inside the bag at the bottom corner and poked out this "point" to stitch to create the "box" bottom.

Bottoms sewn

Turn them right side out for the hem. Now I have to do a double fold and stitch a "hem" at the top edge.

Now to apply the handles

Handles for 4 bags

One side of the handle sewn back and forth with many tacks.

Other side of the handle and you can see the multiple tacks at the top of this picture on the other end of the handle.

Finished bags


Finished bag all folded up and ready to go. I love giving these to people and they love them for shopping.

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  1. What a great way to reuse something that would have just been thrown away. They look very durable, practical and funky at the same time. Now if I just had a dog I might copy your idea.


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